Undetectable Hack / PUBG


xRadar runs in the cloud, you don't need to download anything

Therefore, xRadar is completely undetectable since there is no executables or running process on your gaming computer.

How does xRadar Hack for PUBG work?

You will play PUBG through a xRadar VPN, where game network data such as enemy position and item spawns will be captured and send back to you through a web browser on any device. You can also run xRadar on top of the game window as an overlay.

100% undetectable

You cannot get banned for using xRadar since the hack does not run on your PC making it completely undetectable by BattlEye or any other mechanism.

Run radar from anywhere

xRadar Hack for PUBG is web-based and can be run from any web browser, meaning you can run the hack on your second computer, mobile phone, tablet or the gaming pc by simply visiting a web address.

Items and vehicles display

Get the best guns and equipments minutes after landing. See items such as guns, mods, heals, cars, scope, ammo, armor, helmet, bag, grenades. You will also be able to see vehicles and air drops.

Enemy positions and info

You are in control. Know exactly where all the enemies are by looking at our real-time 2D radar. xRadar also tells your their name, kills, distance and equipped weapons so you can best prepare for your fight!

Hack while streaming

When you run xRadar on a different device, you will be able to stream PUBG while playing PUBG on your gaming PC. There is no way any viewers will be able to tell you are running xRadar.

100% Privacy

A dedicated xRadar VPN instance with untraceable IP will be deployed just for you, you are the only person with access to the xRadar VPN service. The IP and VPN instance is never re-used for different user.



In the video you can see a setup where we run xRadar on a mobile phone and placed next to the gaming computer running PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS so that the player can easily lookdown at the radar hack. Of course you can invent your own setup by running the radar on any device and placing the hack screen whereever you wish! xRadar uses OpenGL high resolution realtime rendering on your mobile phone. With fully customizable item filter, always point to north mode and more!



We take your gaming experience seriously, we have tested xRadar and made sure even when connected through our VPN, your will achieve the same latency inside PUBG. We have deployed xRadar servers 11 locations around the world which you will be able to choose from.



Unlike many other cheat providers that you have to wait for days for them to setup your account and send you your hack. xRadar is connected with the cloud and will be instantly setup once we receive your payment. You can start using xRadar Hack ASAP!


xRadar is billed based on actual hack usage, you will have to purchase extra time once your time runs out.
Your remaining time will not decrease when xRadar service is stopped.

  • 1 Hour Trial
  • $ 5 US $5 / hour
  • Can only be purchased once
  • 10 Hours
  • $ 22 US $2.2 / hour
  • Billed only when xRadar is running
  • 50 Hours
  • $ 88 US $1.76 / hour
  • Billed only when xRadar is running
  • 100 Hours
  • $ 165 US $1.65 / hour
  • Billed only when xRadar is running
  • 250 Hours
  • $ 330 US $1.32 / hour
  • Billed only when xRadar is running

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